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Advice for Shy People on Being the Center of Attention

Category : Self Improvement

The first thing shy folks need to know is that there aren’t the shy and the out going people. Each one is a practiced state of being. All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone.

1. Take small steps. Don’t set big goals. When you set big goals you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself. First, ask yourself why it is you want to be more outgoing than ask yourself if you really want it. After you’ve done house cleaning on your self-awareness, you’re ready to start small. Instead of jumping straight to public speaking become comfortable around others. If you’re a shut-in go to a social event. If you’re not good at talking to people say hi to one person. Most importantly don’t worry about figuring out what to say, there’s a surplus of talkers listeners are much more valuable. You’ll find that it’s easier than you imagined, and if it isn’t easy to take solace in the fact that growth happens when we’re out of our comfort zones. 2. Keep progressing. This part seems intuitive, but humans hate change and its importance to test your limits, within reason. That said don’t stay comfortable.

3. Practice makes perfect. Everyone is different some people like keeping to a script, some people like peaking off the cuff, each has its setbacks. If you speak off the cuff you may forget what you want to say, on the other hand, if you work from a written speech it can make for a grueling experience. Everything is harder when you’re doing it in public. Personally, I like working from a mental outline. Working from a mental outline comes with a few perks in the favor of sanity that I personally enjoy. If you know basically what you want to say and your not afraid to forget something, you’re telling your audience it’s not important to be perfect. An audience is like an animal it can sense nervousness and when they don’t, then neither do you. Whichever method you use practice enough to get good. 4. The shortcut key to getting good. The shortcut key to getting good at anything is understanding that in the grand scheme of things it’s no more important than you make it. If it’s not important, then screwing up is no big deal, which it isn’t as long as that’s your reaction. 

It also becomes a question of when you will become the center of attention. For instance, there are certain things that you cannot run from such as your birthday or your wedding. In these cases, especially the wedding one, you are the focus of everyone’s attention and you are just going to have to figure out how to deal. There’s no two ways about it, everyone will be looking at you (and your partner, of course). So just embrace it and know that you need to mentally prepare.


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How can pets wear pearls?

Category : Pet Fashion

For those of us who love our pets and consider them a member of the family, we are always looking for new products to share with our little furry loved ones. Besides for toys and clothes, some people want to give more but don’t know where to look. One of the newest trends for dog owners is go for jewelry, and pearls specifically. Pearls are among the most versatile gems in the world, and can be great for any occasion. Wasn’t it Jackie Kennedy who used to say that pearls are “*always* appropriate”? If you’ve decided to accessorize your pup with pearls, there may be no better way than an elegant necklace. Whether you go for the classic style or something a little bit more chic, your dog will look gorgeous sporting a pearl necklace. Now if you want to take it a step further, you can always get matching earrings. Earrings for dogs are a lot less common than necklaces, so you can be sure that your four-legged loved one will be catching all the eyes when you hit the town.

Sometimes you see dogs in the street that are wearing full-fledged outfits. I personally don’t really get the hype, but if you do then you know that it’s an easy way to get some pearls into your dogs outfit. Pearls are the foundation of a classy outfit, and humans shouldn’t be the only ones to make the most of them. They can be used as an accessory for pretty much anything which means that there’s no trouble incorporating them onto your pet. Whether it’s a spruced up collar or a cute little outfit, your dog could be repping pearls in no time. The whole ‘doggie-outfit’ thing is something that I’ve never fully understood. Why does your dog need to wear clothes? We wear clothes for functional and social reasons, but dogs don’t need either one.

With this in mind, that’s pretty much my main reason for being confused as to why dogs need clothes in the first place. Every time I think of a dog wearing clothes my first thought is watching Legally Blonde and how she dressed her little chihuahua. It was just the weirdest thing for me because I was so confused as to how it was comfortable for the dog. Sure, it looked cute when he matched her outfit but it had absolutely nothing to do with the dogs life. They have fur so that they don’t need extra layers and clothes. That being said, if you insist on dressing your dog, it’s an easy way to get them to wear some pearls. I stand by the fact that the easiest way to incorporate pearls into your dogs life is through their collars. I wonder if people pierce their dogs ears, because that would also be a way for them to wear pearls. You could have matching pearl earrings.

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Tea Tree Shampoo

Category : Shampoo

I don’t want to be dramatic but something dramatic happened to me and I am going to talk about it. It all started the last week, I was out of my favorite tea tree oil shampoo and went out to get some more. It’s a natural tea tree oil shampoo so I go to this specialty natural store to get it. It’s a bit of a walk, but it’s really worth it because it makes my hair better than any other shampoo I have ever used.

I bought it because I was struggling with a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp. Thankfully I found out I only had dandruff because I went to the dermatologist to make sure it wasn’t psoriasis, eczema, or seborrheic dermatitis. It’s pretty interesting that all of these skin conditions present similarly but have very different causes and sources. For example, psoriasis is actually not a skin condition at all, it is an autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to replace themselves every few days instead of every 30 days. This causes a thick buildup of skin that presents with white/silvery scales.

Anyways, the point is that I didn’t have that, I had garden variety dandruff. First I tried some of the more commercially available go to dandruff shampoos, and while they might have helped a little bit, I just didn’t like them, perhaps it was a large number of unnatural chemicals they managed to pack into the formula. So I decided I wanted to try a totally natural shampoo and I found the current tea tree oil shampoo I am using. Tea tree oil is so good for your scalp. It is antibacterial and antifungal so it keeps the skin healthy, but it also adds amazing volume to my hair, and I even think I see some new hair sprouting.

Anyways this piece isn’t about my shampoo or is it…Ok ok, I’ll get back to the story. So I was walking to pick up my shampoo and someone I knew came running towards me looking in great distress. I didn’t know what to do so I took her to a bench and asked her to tell me what happened to her.

She told me she went to a party the night before and ended up on the side of the road without her shoes. This person is usually the most together person I know, and to see her like that because she clearly took some drugs really had an impact on me. I never wanted to do drugs before but now I have really seen first hand what it can do to a person. I found a great Tea tree oil shampoo at maple holistics.

I know I know you probably expected something way more dramatic and exciting than that, but this is my story and I was extremely struck by this experience. It’s crazy to see someone you look up to and admire make such a bad life decision. It really is the little things that make the biggest impact, I mean it is also the big things that make the biggest impact, but people really underestimate the little things and that really should not be the case.

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How the Subway Has Changed

Taking the Subway used to be the best method for getting around New York City. At times it wasn’t always the safest, but it sure was reliable. Getting from Point A to Point B took a specific amount of time, and you knew exactly how long to plan for in your travels. When smartphones and apps came into being, it suddenly became easier than ever to play your trip properly. I even used to use an app that would tell me where on the train platform to wait so that I would be in the best position when exiting off the train. Such a time saver! But alas, that app closed down (who’s ever even heard of an app closing, anyway?). from what I remember, I think Apple might have bought it and then shut it down so as to not compete with its other features. How rude, Apple. How rude!

So the Subway used to be pretty reliable. But when I went back to visit NYC two summers ago, I was in for the surprise from hell. The train stopped. All. The. Time. And not just for a few seconds. But for at least a few minutes, if not longer. How was I supposed to get to my destination in a timely fashion with this constant disturbance? It became really bad. Plus, traveling via Subway is never the most fun in the hot, humid summer. Typically there is air conditioning involved, but even just waiting for the train in the ventilation-less station is enough to make anyone feel a bit sick. Luckily, by the time I went back this summer the trains seemed to be working much better. However, I’m still nervous and skeptical. Are they reliable? Are they not? The world may never know.

You used to have to pay for trains with tokens, until MetroCards were invented. They’re much easier and more manageable to use. And there have been other improvements to the train system as well. For instance, many stations in Manhattan now have wifi, which means that you can get service much more often now. This is great, since taking the Subway used to mean committing to an hour of being incommunicado. But now, there’s no need to worry about that. You’re reachable all the time. Also, many train platforms will now tell you how many minutes you will need to wait until the next train arrives. This alleviates a lot of anxiety. Plus, typically when you start hearing a train pulling into the station, everyone will peak to see which one it is. Now there’s no need in many stations, since you can know ahead of time when to expect your train. This is especially helpful if you’ve managed to snag a seat in the station and don’t want to be constantly getting up and risking your place. We should all feel thankful for all of the changes.

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Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

Category : Music

David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is a masterpiece. To this day, I don’t understand the true concept behind it. But it hailed as one of the greatest concept albums of all time. And I find that I enjoy the album regardless of how linear it is or how it uses continuity. I just love the arrangements and the vocals. It is one of the finest pieces of music that I ever had the pleasure of listening to, again and again and again. Whenever I hear the drums which open the album with Five Years, it sends a shiver down my spine, because I know what is in store.

Albums come and go, and some of them stick with us. Some of those who stick with us, manages to make it through decades and time-warps. Ziggy is a masterpiece, not because someone else said it was. For me, I knew it was an album which will stick with me from the first time I heard it. I mean, I didn’t have that shiver from the beginning, but by the time Five Years ended for the first time, with those weird guitars and screams – I was entranced. I was hooked.

Bowie will be remembered for those many things. And the drums which open Ziggy are but a small fraction of his genius. It doesn’t matter if I see a connection between all of the songs or not. It really doesn’t matter, because all that matters in the finished product (for lack of a better word) is whether it moves you or not. There is nothing as important as that in the creative process, at least once it is over. You spend time crafting, building, tearing down, piecing things together, and to be able to come out with such a collection of tracks is nothing short of wonderful. It is an album of its time and place, and there is something so very special about it.

Just imagine. There are those who will grow up without Bowie… what a shame. I very much hope that his legacy in music and acting lives on and on. It deserves a place of honor. The guy always reinvented himself, and there was something so artistic about him. You cannot ignore him. Ziggy Stardust remains a true gem among his works, and it is one that I am always so very happy to return to and lay on my turntable.

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Lucile, Lizzy And The Desert

Category : Story Time

It was sticky, humid, hot and she was hung over. She had literally spent the last four days in her tent with an annoying fly that just wouldn’t leave. That and her friend Poncho the
mosquito – so two friends you could say! All she wanted was a shower. She dreamed of her glamorous bathroom back home! She could just see her spa bath and all her products sitting
there beckoning to return home. Her Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistics, her bath salts, her organic toothpaste that she thought leaving at home would be a good idea. Her sister who was a bit
of a nomad had somehow talked her into going on a trip to Morocco into the desert. She took the bare minimum with her at her sisters request. They had been stuck at one point in
the desert, they had a guide mind you but they had been struck with some unusual weather and were growing tired and without water. They had little water left and were at least two
days until their destination and even though it wasn’t life threatening they were all growing weary. They all agreed that as soon as they made it back to city life that they would check
into a riad and go shopping for groceries and bath and body products and just rest for a week. I guess that’s the privilege of western life, whereas there are some that actually live
their lives with just the bear minimum.

Lucia was missing her friends and her cat whereas her sister was looking for this adventure to be over but also couldn’t wait for the next one. She kind of lived for this stuff. She had
been living in South Africa for four years working with a nomadic tribe and well it seemed as if she had become apart of the family. Lucile as much as she loved her sister and appreciated
that she could live out of a tent and a tiny back-pack, well it just wasn’t for her. Her sister had always called her the spoil one so I guess she wanted to prove to her that she could
hack it out there in the wilderness along-side her, but she was starting to regret it.

Lucile was appreciative of the time she had with her sister and thank goodness the guide didn’t speak English because he would have over-heard 25 years of old arguments that had
reared their head in their time in the desert together. All in all though it was good for both of them. They managed to sort out some old trials and tribulations and walked out that
desert closer than they had ever been before.

They had managed to get to their water source three days after they expected to arrive. Lucile ended up on a drip and Lizzy was as cool as ever! After Lucile came out of hospital she
spent a few more days relaxing at hotel. Lizzy bought her some “home-life” goodies (or as best as she could find) and then Lucile cut her trip short. She had relapsed it wasn’t about
going into the desert to compete or to prove but to heal some old wounds with her sister and that they did.

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Innovation Of Private Labels

Category : Private Label

The thing I love most about store brands is that they are cheaper and in some cases better than their competition. Some name brands are kind of resting on their laurels, while others are innovating and making things better. Space-age better, you feel me? It is not okay for a company to just sit back. This is when you know you need new management, for sure.

I am not saying a company cannot rest, I am saying that you should always be striving for innovation. And one of the things which private labeling does, is that it gives people the chance to grow in a market which is – was – dominated for a while by big names and loyalty to franchises. With some things, it is worth it to remain loyal. With others, if it is cheaper and works the same – why not go for it? Why not try something new? Something else? I am say you should do your research. Cheaper isn’t always better, and that should be obvious.

You need to make a benefit and budget analysis. If you show up with a list to the shopping center, you will have more chances of getting what you need. If you give private labels a shot with certain items, you may find your list costs less, and that your satisfaction with those products could prove to be great.

It really does depend on your sense of loyalty, and on your shopping list. Private labels are everywhere, and you can get good substitutes for brand names on pretty much anything. And I feel that it is a good thing that private labels exploded when they did .They began with a poor track record but have built themselves up. Some private labels have even gone on to become gourmet and premium labels!

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MOOC’s With Edu Much

Category : Education

Education in this country is on a downturn and we are now realizing that we have to change things up but what can we do? I think what it comes down to is online courses. This is not something too new but it has taken a while to actually catch on to the whole online education business. The reason why it is a viable source for knowledge and education is because the quality has greatly improved over the years. Studies have shown that the American public school educational system is broken and that kids are not learning on the same level as they used to. Kids aren’t interested in the subjects shoved down their throat and we are moving towards a future of education that used to be. Meaning vocational schools and education. Not everyone is an intellectual and not everyone can sit in a classroom. This is where online education comes into play.

You can focus your energies towards what interests you with online education. This means that you can find what drives you whether it be culinary or plumbing or really anything you want to learn how to do and can find some form of class on the internet. This doesn’t mean the traditional classroom is dying. There is something to be said about sitting in a classroom and virtual classrooms are on the up and up. These virtual classrooms have blown up the scene of education throughout the world. Meaning that anyone with internet access can click into the class being given. You can learn about philosophy and science from teachers teaching in some of the nation’s top universities. Education is becoming global and reaching parts of the world that never had a chance to get an education. This is huge and has spurred innovations in almost every profession.

Some of these classes are a part of MOOCs which you can learn more about on The basic premise is that they are online mass courses that can be compared to a full semester of work. This where popular for a long time and at the moment they have been shadowed by sites like which are basically online vocational schools. You can learn about computer programming and business management and for a small fee you can have unlimited access to all their material. I actually spent some time on such websites and found some really interesting things I wanted to learn. The price you pay is pennies if you are someone who is prone to take advantage of opportunity.
Like I said was that education is moving towards a place where you can choose more selectively what you want to learn. The power is in your hands and that brings up many questions and problems. Are we ready to do away with the classic education system? I don’t think so. I believe there is merit to both systems and a conjunction of the two can greatly benefit the most amount of people. You have to educate and collaborate.

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Proper Grammar Can Change Your Life

Category : Education

Have you ever come across a letter that was so terrible and it could have been good if it was only for the grammar. People’s grammar sucks, what happened to our quality of education? How can we start teaching people grammar? The quality of our education is getting worse and worse and because of the plummet we it seems as though there is no going back and fixing it. How can we help our future? Well I don’t have an answer for that because I’m not an expert and my grammar sucks too so I can’t really help you. Sorry if I got you excited about finding a solution to fix our education system.

What I am is a student in college with a new way to help you get those essays and writing assignments done perfectly. I got this great grammar checking software called Grammarly that helps with fixing every grammar mistake and helps you become a better writer. Grammarly ( is a software that is kind of like Microsoft Word in that it is a writing software but is a bit different than Microsoft Word because it works in a very different and unorthodox way. That enhances your writing. I know that people are much more comfortable with using Microsoft word because of its popularity and ease of use plus we all know how to use it.

I have actually become a better writer now that I use grammarly which is an interesting part of what grammarly does for you. When it comes to the comparison of Grammarly versus Word. Is that Word is just for writing and people don’t actually get excited to use it. Now when I get a writing assignment for school I am excited to get ready to write because grammarly adds that extra thrill they make writing easy and fun which is a great thing and know my grammar is amazing and I am becoming a better writer because of it.

The crazy thing is that I started off by talking about how bad everything is with our education system is and how people can’t write with grammar anymore if their lives depended on it. Then I said that I couldn’t help with that problem because my grammar sucked also, and how I was just a student that needed help with school but after using grammarly I have become a different person and much more educated and interested in the finer things in life.

I know it sounds crazy that just a dumb grammar checking software could change your life in such a complete way. But the reality is that if you have the right drive, motivation and push. Which grammarly was that push for me you can make momentous changes in your life. We all need to keep strong and keep working. Keep your eyes on the lookout for that small something that will change your prospective in life. For me that was the grammarly software that changed my life and my prospective on what I could do with my life. Keep your head up with hard work everything gets better.

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Running Your Own Private Label

Category : Private Label

After having a heartache at a fairly young age of 52 Joe decided it was time for him to lose some serious weight. Him and his wife Kathy were both overweight and they had been pushing it off for to long. They had to figure out a good strategy to deal with weight loss though. The strategy they would use would be in the type of private label (Check out Innovative Private Label for all of your business needs) products they would buy. They decided to stop buying all the junk food private label brands and start to go for the private label health food brands. This journey would be a lot harder than they would think.

The first thing they had to do was to get the private label junk food snacks out of their home. They had to throw out their favorite private label brands of cookies, candy, chocolate, sugary cereals, and sodas it was just to toxic for them. There children, Malcolm and Hilary also were an issue. You see Joe and Kathy realized they were one of the main causes in making there children fat and they wanted to help them lose weight too. So they had to figure out a positive way to convince there 12 and 14 year old of the importance of not eating these private label junk food brands. So they looked for private label health food brands. T hese brands were great they would be there to help the family lose weight while still having some good food for a great price (private label brands tend to be less expensive than non private label brands). This was of course in combination with eating other healthy foods and regular exercise something the family had struggled with and also, unfortunately, didn’t really pass onto their children. So the family continued on this diet and they had their struggles. Being overweight it was easier for all the members of their family to relate to other overweight people who had similar interests to them pre-diet and they had to make sure these friends wouldn’t negatively influence them. For example in the first of the diet Kathy, a secretary at a major accounting firm, had a coworker bring in a private label brand of cake one day and she had to be careful to resist. She beat the cake it was so tempting because it was her favorite cake with frosting and sprinkles that she would many times eat as breakfast from the break room. She needed to hold herself back though. Joe had a similar situation at work. He had to hold himself back when someone brought in one of his all time favorites a private label brand of oreos. The kids also had their struggles too. Malcolm and Hilary would often be at their aunt and uncles who were overweight and unfortunately didn’t really realize the dangers of it. Worse their son Chase was overweight and he tried offering them private label brands of sweets. It was difficult for the brother and sister to resist yet they did it.

After one eyar the couple lost a ton of weight and motivated their friends, family, and community.

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