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MOOC’s With Edu Much

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Education in this country is on a downturn and we are now realizing that we have to change things up but what can we do? I think what it comes down to is online courses. This is not something too new but it has taken a while to actually catch on to the whole online education business. The reason why it is a viable source for knowledge and education is because the quality has greatly improved over the years. Studies have shown that the American public school educational system is broken and that kids are not learning on the same level as they used to. Kids aren’t interested in the subjects shoved down their throat and we are moving towards a future of education that used to be. Meaning vocational schools and education. Not everyone is an intellectual and not everyone can sit in a classroom. This is where online education comes into play.

You can focus your energies towards what interests you with online education. This means that you can find what drives you whether it be culinary or plumbing or really anything you want to learn how to do and can find some form of class on the internet. This doesn’t mean the traditional classroom is dying. There is something to be said about sitting in a classroom and virtual classrooms are on the up and up. These virtual classrooms have blown up the scene of education throughout the world. Meaning that anyone with internet access can click into the class being given. You can learn about philosophy and science from teachers teaching in some of the nation’s top universities. Education is becoming global and reaching parts of the world that never had a chance to get an education. This is huge and has spurred innovations in almost every profession.

Some of these classes are a part of MOOCs which you can learn more about on The basic premise is that they are online mass courses that can be compared to a full semester of work. This where popular for a long time and at the moment they have been shadowed by sites like which are basically online vocational schools. You can learn about computer programming and business management and for a small fee you can have unlimited access to all their material. I actually spent some time on such websites and found some really interesting things I wanted to learn. The price you pay is pennies if you are someone who is prone to take advantage of opportunity.
Like I said was that education is moving towards a place where you can choose more selectively what you want to learn. The power is in your hands and that brings up many questions and problems. Are we ready to do away with the classic education system? I don’t think so. I believe there is merit to both systems and a conjunction of the two can greatly benefit the most amount of people. You have to educate and collaborate.

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Proper Grammar Can Change Your Life

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Have you ever come across a letter that was so terrible and it could have been good if it was only for the grammar. People’s grammar sucks, what happened to our quality of education? How can we start teaching people grammar? The quality of our education is getting worse and worse and because of the plummet we it seems as though there is no going back and fixing it. How can we help our future? Well I don’t have an answer for that because I’m not an expert and my grammar sucks too so I can’t really help you. Sorry if I got you excited about finding a solution to fix our education system.

What I am is a student in college with a new way to help you get those essays and writing assignments done perfectly. I got this great grammar checking software called Grammarly that helps with fixing every grammar mistake and helps you become a better writer. Grammarly ( is a software that is kind of like Microsoft Word in that it is a writing software but is a bit different than Microsoft Word because it works in a very different and unorthodox way. That enhances your writing. I know that people are much more comfortable with using Microsoft word because of its popularity and ease of use plus we all know how to use it.

I have actually become a better writer now that I use grammarly which is an interesting part of what grammarly does for you. When it comes to the comparison of Grammarly versus Word. Is that Word is just for writing and people don’t actually get excited to use it. Now when I get a writing assignment for school I am excited to get ready to write because grammarly adds that extra thrill they make writing easy and fun which is a great thing and know my grammar is amazing and I am becoming a better writer because of it.

The crazy thing is that I started off by talking about how bad everything is with our education system is and how people can’t write with grammar anymore if their lives depended on it. Then I said that I couldn’t help with that problem because my grammar sucked also, and how I was just a student that needed help with school but after using grammarly I have become a different person and much more educated and interested in the finer things in life.

I know it sounds crazy that just a dumb grammar checking software could change your life in such a complete way. But the reality is that if you have the right drive, motivation and push. Which grammarly was that push for me you can make momentous changes in your life. We all need to keep strong and keep working. Keep your eyes on the lookout for that small something that will change your prospective in life. For me that was the grammarly software that changed my life and my prospective on what I could do with my life. Keep your head up with hard work everything gets better.

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