Advice for Shy People on Being the Center of Attention

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Advice for Shy People on Being the Center of Attention

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The first thing shy folks need to know is that there aren’t the shy and the out going people. Each one is a practiced state of being. All you need to do is get out of your comfort zone.

1. Take small steps. Don’t set big goals. When you set big goals you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself. First, ask yourself why it is you want to be more outgoing than ask yourself if you really want it. After you’ve done house cleaning on your self-awareness, you’re ready to start small. Instead of jumping straight to public speaking become comfortable around others. If you’re a shut-in go to a social event. If you’re not good at talking to people say hi to one person. Most importantly don’t worry about figuring out what to say, there’s a surplus of talkers listeners are much more valuable. You’ll find that it’s easier than you imagined, and if it isn’t easy to take solace in the fact that growth happens when we’re out of our comfort zones. 2. Keep progressing. This part seems intuitive, but humans hate change and its importance to test your limits, within reason. That said don’t stay comfortable.

3. Practice makes perfect. Everyone is different some people like keeping to a script, some people like peaking off the cuff, each has its setbacks. If you speak off the cuff you may forget what you want to say, on the other hand, if you work from a written speech it can make for a grueling experience. Everything is harder when you’re doing it in public. Personally, I like working from a mental outline. Working from a mental outline comes with a few perks in the favor of sanity that I personally enjoy. If you know basically what you want to say and your not afraid to forget something, you’re telling your audience it’s not important to be perfect. An audience is like an animal it can sense nervousness and when they don’t, then neither do you. Whichever method you use practice enough to get good. 4. The shortcut key to getting good. The shortcut key to getting good at anything is understanding that in the grand scheme of things it’s no more important than you make it. If it’s not important, then screwing up is no big deal, which it isn’t as long as that’s your reaction. 

It also becomes a question of when you will become the center of attention. For instance, there are certain things that you cannot run from such as your birthday or your wedding. In these cases, especially the wedding one, you are the focus of everyone’s attention and you are just going to have to figure out how to deal. There’s no two ways about it, everyone will be looking at you (and your partner, of course). So just embrace it and know that you need to mentally prepare.


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