Lucile, Lizzy And The Desert

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Lucile, Lizzy And The Desert

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It was sticky, humid, hot and she was hung over. She had literally spent the last four days in her tent with an annoying fly that just wouldn’t leave. That and her friend Poncho the
mosquito – so two friends you could say! All she wanted was a shower. She dreamed of her glamorous bathroom back home! She could just see her spa bath and all her products sitting
there beckoning to return home. Her Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistics, her bath salts, her organic toothpaste that she thought leaving at home would be a good idea. Her sister who was a bit
of a nomad had somehow talked her into going on a trip to Morocco into the desert. She took the bare minimum with her at her sisters request. They had been stuck at one point in
the desert, they had a guide mind you but they had been struck with some unusual weather and were growing tired and without water. They had little water left and were at least two
days until their destination and even though it wasn’t life threatening they were all growing weary. They all agreed that as soon as they made it back to city life that they would check
into a riad and go shopping for groceries and bath and body products and just rest for a week. I guess that’s the privilege of western life, whereas there are some that actually live
their lives with just the bear minimum.

Lucia was missing her friends and her cat whereas her sister was looking for this adventure to be over but also couldn’t wait for the next one. She kind of lived for this stuff. She had
been living in South Africa for four years working with a nomadic tribe and well it seemed as if she had become apart of the family. Lucile as much as she loved her sister and appreciated
that she could live out of a tent and a tiny back-pack, well it just wasn’t for her. Her sister had always called her the spoil one so I guess she wanted to prove to her that she could
hack it out there in the wilderness along-side her, but she was starting to regret it.

Lucile was appreciative of the time she had with her sister and thank goodness the guide didn’t speak English because he would have over-heard 25 years of old arguments that had
reared their head in their time in the desert together. All in all though it was good for both of them. They managed to sort out some old trials and tribulations and walked out that
desert closer than they had ever been before.

They had managed to get to their water source three days after they expected to arrive. Lucile ended up on a drip and Lizzy was as cool as ever! After Lucile came out of hospital she
spent a few more days relaxing at hotel. Lizzy bought her some “home-life” goodies (or as best as she could find) and then Lucile cut her trip short. She had relapsed it wasn’t about
going into the desert to compete or to prove but to heal some old wounds with her sister and that they did.

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